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Use Custom Payment to expedite payment from invoices, discounts, overnight shipping, or other types of charges for which there is not a standard service or product already listed in our shopping cart. (Such as $10.00 shipping and handling order for Study Plans and Review Sets sent to Canada.) Please do NOT pay for items such as The Sun-Inspired House E-book, Study Plans, Review Sets, Construction Prints, and CAD Files here since they have their own shopping cart item UNLESS you are applying a credit for a previous purchase. Next to "Payment For", please describe briefly for what you are paying. Next to "Invoice No.", enter the invoice number (if applicable) or enter "none". Next to "Payment", fill in the US dollar amount. (Max. of $3,000 should be entered in the amount.)For paying invoices for custom services, please add 5% for credit card processing fees, or you can send a check instead.