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After studying the large array of sun-inspired house plans, it can be a good feeling to find one that almost works! Perhaps the choice resulted from a search with the tools from Select-A-SunPlan, or perhaps a local builder or design professional assisted with the process. Or the Sun Plans' architect may have helped with the detailed Select-A-SunPlan Consulting. In any case, congratulations on getting further down the path to a living in a sun-inspired home!
Although construction costs may not be as low as what might be achieved starting from scratch with Create-A-SunPlan (where there are no unwanted spaces or features), often home owners simply do not have the time to create a custom design. The example on the right shows a before and after version where this client wanted to change the exterior style as well as make other changes.
The Adapt-A-SunPlan process is completely different from the Create-A-SunPlan process, although in both the end result is a passive solar home. Adapting a plan involves reacting to and accepting the primary features and spaces in the existing design. Less information and involvement are required from the home owners. (With Create-A-SunPlan the home owner first state only the primary interior and exterior features and spaces important to them.)
To assure that the appropriate house design service is selected, please study and compare both services for what works for you.However, it is common for clients to start with Adapt-A-SunPlan and then change to Create-A-SunPlan when the changes become drastic. In fact, often the fee for Create-A-SunPlan is only a small amount greater than a fee for Adapt-A-SunPlan. (And there have been occasions when the changes are so complex and the client keeps adding to the original list of changes that the fees have been more so Sun Plans now tries to encourage those to start with Create-A-SunPlan. If an existing design is found to be close to the needs, we can at that time switch to a plan that the architect may recommend would be a less involved to adapt.)
While architects are not trained specifically to adapt house plans that have been created by other design professionals,increasingly it is being done. However, requesting that the original architect make changes to one of their own designs can often be a win-win situation. The Sun Plans' architect Debra Rucker Coleman knows the reasons behind the sun-inspired designs intimately. Not interested in working with an architect, or prefer to work with an architect nearby? Sun Plans has solutions for those instances too! Read further.
Adaptations by local design professionals
Not everyone wants to work with an architect, especially if they know exactly what they want in the way of changes and prefer not to have their decisions questioned. (See Quick Quote below for exceptions.) In that case, working with a local design professional experienced in residential design may be preferable. An architect, engineer, home designer or sometimes an exceptional builder may possess those qualifications.
The intent of CAD Files sold by Sun Plans are to allow local design professionals to make changes, and several types are available.  Unlike Construction Prints, CAD Files come with a Copyright Release which allows the design to be modified or copied. If a list of the proposed changes is sent along with the CAD File order, the Sun Plans architect can address any major energy implications of the proposed changes while the Custom Energy Specs are being prepared. (If a review and consulting of the proposed changes is desired prior to placing the CAD File order or, if the changes are lengthy, Sun Plans suggests engaging the architect first in Adapt-A-SunPlan Consulting.)
Adaptations by Sun Plans
If the choice has been narrowed down to one or two similar designs, then the Adapt-A-Plan process can be started with Sun Plans. The architect can help decide between two similar designs. And occasionally she may even recommend that a third design be considered. Adapt-A-SunPlan is for home owners who:          
  • Plan to start construction in 3 to 6 months (The process averages about 2 months from when Sun Plans begins the changes...lead times may vary; check our schedule.)
  • Prefer to react to designs that have already been created
  • Have studied in detail the design they wish to change and discussed budget with builder(s)
  • Communicate confidently their likes and dislikes in the existing house plan
  • Speak openly with their spouses, partners and other family members regarding priorities
  • State realistic goals with their schedule
  • Remain flexible and open minded with options presented
  • Rise to the challenge of assisting with research
  • Trust professionals to assist them in many aspects of their life
Adapt-A-SunPlan fees are only a fraction of a realtor's fee when compared to purchasing a home of the same size.  As Sun Plans' fees for extensive changes can sometimes equal those of custom design developed through Create-A-SunPlan, design fees saving should not always be the reason to choose to adapt an existing design. It's been shown that a custom design often results in a more efficient layout and therefore smaller home inside and out, which translates into construction cost savings for the home owners.
Quick Quote Adaptations
Changes made by Sun Plans can sometimes be very inexpensive.  This Quick Quote service within Adapt-A-SunPlan is for those who have purchased the Review Set and desire only a few straightforward changes that do not require the lengthier, more involved process of consulting about energy, design, and structural implications with the architect.  Perhaps only the exterior needs to be changed or the basement non-load bearing areas, or a garage or second floor needs to be taken off. Maybe thicker exterior walls are desired.   If so, please Contact Us about obtaining a "Quick Quote" to have those changes made by Sun Plans. Send a short list of changes at the same time. The price for the changes is typically good for two weeks as the Quick Quote is designed for those who are ready for the changes to made fairly quickly.
Typically, only one Quick Quote is provided per client since they do take quite a bit of time to prepare.  Please be sure of the plan and changes being requested. If there is any doubt, please engage Sun Plans in the typical Adapt-A-SunPlan process. If Sun Plans finds that detailed interaction is required to discuss energy implications, etc., then the more involved typical Adapt-A-SunPlans service will be recommended.
It is requested that as a minimum you purchase the Review Set. (It takes us several hours to prepare a Quick Quote so we request that the customer first make a small purchase to show their intention of working with us.  That price is later deductible from upgrade orders.) Ordering the Review Set allows for studying the construction details of the home and therefore more thoroughly understand the implications of the changes that they are requesting.
The Quick Quote process does not include evaluation of the changes by the architect. If the changes are extensive or require detailed evaluation by the architect, then please engage the Sun Plans architect in the Consulting and Review stage of Adapt-A-SunPlan. (After the review is completed, there is an option to either engage Sun Plans to make the changes or purchase the CAD files to have the changes made by a local architect or design professional. If the fee of entire review has not been used after the evaluation is complete, it may be credited to the actual changes.)
* It is illegal to copy or modify the house design of another architect or home designer without possessing a copyright release from them.