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Comments from Adapt-A-SunPlan Home Owners
Sun Plans' home owners continuously express joy in assisting with their home design process, building the home and of course living in it for years to come. We at Sun Plans feel very fortunate that such delightful people are attracted to sun-inspired designs. 
Newly adapted design "We are thrilled with the plans and are anxious to get started building. You have been great to work with. Each item of change, no matter how big or small, you handled creatively and efficiently. When we do get started, we'll be taking plenty of pictures which we will surely share with you. Your fees are really quite reasonable....."
Best regards, Kevin & Lorraine
"Working with Debbie was easy, fun and extremely successful for us....It might be helpful (for readers) to also know that this is the very first house that we have ever had built, and neither one of us knew the first thing about construction before the process started. I do not think I am exaggerating when I say that Debbie made every effort to understand what we were looking for in a design and to help us better understand the important special aspects of passive solar design. We spent a LONG time filling out the questionnaire that she sent--and she paid attention to every detail. There were many changes made in the preliminary designs as we refined our ideas. Debbie was extraordinarily patient with our changes and questions, and the final plans were still produced by her with a minimum of delay. We exchanged LOTS of emails and phone calls, and actually didn't have the pleasure of meeting her face-to-face until we got to give her the tour of "her" finished house."
- Pam & Paul, Solstice
Newly adapted design "Once again, I really want to tell you how pleased we are with your work. The house is so beautiful outside and the inside works and flows just as we would like it too.  Lueann is very happy with it which of course, makes me very happy (I'm happy with it too, don't get me wrong). We had picked out another set of standard plans she liked and your spring e-mail arrived at just the right time to get me to get her looking at your plans again.  I'm so glad I was able to get her to take another look. Your work is so appreciated"
- Thanks, Kent
"We are enjoying the Cottage Atrium and I am really happy about the thermal performance. It maintains an average during the day of about 12 degrees F above the outside temp. When Mr. Sun hits the SE windows about 8:15AM or so, that side of the house really starts warming up nicely."
- Sam, Cottage Atrium
"As for the Prairie Dog, it's performing exactly as I  hoped this winter. We've had some bitter, bitter cold days (I mean where the temperatures didn't get above minus 10!) and the heat hasn't gone on at all while the sun was out... and then on some milder days (temps in the 40's) I've had to open a window because it was actually getting too warm. We're all enjoying sitting in the bay window getting nice and toasty (and sleepy) on some quiet weekends...I don't have records quite good enough, but it looks like I'm using about a third to a half of the electricity I used in my former house (which was about the same size). Not needing any lights on during the day, combined with all the Energy Star appliances and compact florescent lights seems to make a huge difference...So all in all, I am VERY happy with the house."
- Emily, Prairie Dog
"I LOVE our house! The passive solar works wonderfully. People have questioned why Steve and I have such a 'big' house, for 'just the two of us'. I don't think we have a 'big' house. The main floor is 2100 s.f. and that's where we live. The south side of the house is the living space - which includes the sunroom and morning room (where I moved all my tomato and pepper plants before the frost hit—so I'll have fresh tomatoes for another two months). The morning room is my office space, too....The kitchen is wonderful! There were six women in that kitchen, three weeks ago, and no one bumped butts. That's the true test of a kitchen! Our dog, Abby, is the one that spends time in the 600+ s.f. upstairs. [We've had house guests that used the upstairs bedroom and shower, too!]...I LOVE MY HOUSE!
- Peggy (and Steve), Garden Atrium
Ok, this one has a little drama, but what the heck: "...I am completely and totally in love. You're a brilliant architect. The house not only works incredibly well as a passive solar marvel, but the layout is so right for our family! The contractors come by now with their mouth wide open and confess to me that they never thought it would work. They not only can't believe how beautiful it looks, but they can't believe we don't have to use the heat! It is so warm...and so light."
- Amy, Northern Sun
Thanks Debbie for letting us know that the drawings are being shipped to Randy's workplace  I look forward to receiving them.  It's been great working with you.  You have been creative, practical, sensitive  and informative in helping us with our design. We will let you know how things go as work on the house commences.
- Cindy and Randy, Sun Dance 7