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Create-A-SunPlan 3D Examples
Walk around the home prior to construction! It is one benefit of selecting Create-A-SunPlan home design services. In addition to these 3D images, Sun Plans can also create 3D rotating models and movies of the sun-inspired house. Most of these custom homes are currently being built. Later they may be posted to the Select-A-SunPlan list. If the home owners or their builders send photos and feedback, those may be posted as well. We hope these examples inspire you to let Sun Plans bring the sun into your next home.
Sunny Dreams
Designed for the minimum s.f. allowable by the subdivision, this Sunny Dreams home under construction hopes to allow the owners to enjoy their master bedroom balcony by fall. (In the fall, we will post the design to the web site.)
French Cowgirl
Designed for a very small footprint and first floor, the French Cowgirl owners tucked the secondary living areas into the sunny basement and in a fun tower.
Dream Horse
Designed for two south sides and a courtyard, the equestrian owners of Dream Horse are building this low profile home on land with a high water table and high winds. (The design will be posted to the web site this summer.)
Longleaf Atrium 
Designed with the first floor concept from the Garden Atrium design, the Longleaf Atrium clients required a spacious second floor for adult children who visit.
View a sample home tour of the upcoming Sunny Dreams (25 MB movie, AVI format).