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New House Plans Added December 2015

Fall Equinox 2015 E-Newsletter
Read about a visit to the Moorhaus Cottage 4 house that we visited this summer. Click here to see the Enewsletter.
Summer Solstice 2015 E-Newsletter
Amongst other news, read comments from clients that have just moved into their homes, that are in the middle of construction or that are in the design process. (click on the image to see the newsletter)
New House Plans Added June 2015
Eco Soleil and Eco Soleil 2 with their small footprints and narrow widths with the front of the home designed to face south have been added to the House Plan List of over 100 sun-inspired house designs. Sort by smallest first floor s.f. and they will appear near the top of the list.
Spring Equinox Newsletter
Read about Zero Energy Home Design, Updated Create-A-SunPlan process and Sun-inspired homes both for sale and under construction. Read Newsletter.
New House Plans Added March 2015
To see an overview of the most recently added Sun Plans, click this link.
Or on the overall house plan list, look for the house plans on our list with NEW next to the name.
Thanks again to our clients who make these possible!
Fall Equinox 2014 Newsletter - Read it here
Sun Plans' RISE home on cover of Home Power Aug/Sept 2014
The article Mountain Solar can be read here.
There is also an interview with Sun Plans architect Debbie Coleman that can be read here.

Sun Plans Home for Sale
A 2300 s.f. sun-inspired home on 30 acres in South Alabama just 45 minutes from Mobile and two hours from white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. $375,000 The home is a variation of the Southern Cypress featured on the Sun Plans web site. See For Sale By Owner for more details.
 Mother Earth News Magazine - Oct/Nov 2012 - Article with Sun Plans Architect!
Read the 6 page article that includes an interview with Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect and author of The Sun-Inspired Home. Read the on line version here.
"Net Zero Performance" in Home Power Magazine - Aug/Sept 2012
A Sun Plan's client who followed the Passivhaus (AKA Passive House) philosophy during construction wrote an extensive article about his home's net zero energy performance the first year in the Aug/Sept 2012 #150 issue of Home Power. Even though 100% passive solar is very difficult to achieve in any climate, even in his cold climate of Colorado, Jim wrote:
"The passive solar design meets all of our space-heating needs..."
Atrium 3 Home Featured in  "Green Building & Sustainable Strategies"
Sandy and Bill's atrium-style home is reviewed in "Green Building & Sustainable Strategies". The two-story atrium provides natural light and ventilation into the center of the home. Sun Plans homes can be adapted to many budgets based on the interior finishes chosen by the home owner. Sandy and Bill chose some of the finest available.They made some adaptations to the Atrium 3 design on the Sun Plans' web site to fit their lifestyle.
Comparing Sun-Inspired Homes to Passive Houses
"With the introduction of the “Passive House” into the U.S., it’s only natural to be confused with the phrase and wonder how it compares to a passive solar house including a Sun Plan. A sun-inspired house has always been a passive solar house, but did you know that it can also be a “Passive House”?"

What do you like best about your Sun-Inspired Home?
(Read the results from the survey of sun-inspired home owners.)
"The amount of sunlight in the rooms. The lower heating bills are great but the feeling from the light and not having to use lights is hard to describe."
Affordable Green Solutions
Read the article Affordable Green Solutions in SM Imagazine written by a client of Sun Plans, Eco Builders of Virginia, about a sun-inspired home being designed for them. Take a peek at the Upcoming Design, the Eco Soleil.
Create-A-SunPlan & Adapt-A-SunPlan Schedule
Our schedule and work load change continuously. Please use this as a general guide.  If you are in a hurry, please do not hesitate to inquire about an expedited process. As a rule, spring is the busiest time and lae fall and winter are the slowest season.
Review and Consulting on initial information submitted: 1-2 Weeks (typical)
The architect typically completes the review within two weeks of receiving the initial information of the detailed wish list or proposed changes to a design.
Adapt-a-SunPlan: 4 to 8 Weeks (typical)
After the above-mentioned review stage is completed, and if the proposal for making the changes is accepted, the Adapt-A-SunPlan process can go quickly, but often home owners request more changes once the process is begun.
Create-a-SunPlan: 2 to 6 Months
After the review stage is completed, and if the proposal for creating the new design is accepted, the Create-A-SunPlan process typically takes at least 2 months for creating a custom sun-inspired home; however, it typically takes longer. (Longer than 6 months total in the process is not advised since it is too easy to loose momentum and forget project details.)
For the possibility of a quicker process, please Contact Us as our schedule continuously changes. Additional fees may apply.