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Newest Sun-Inspired Passive Solar House Plans
These sunny, high-performance homes have been recently added to our overall house plan list  where they have "NEW" by their name. Click on the photo of each below to see the plan details.
(Like other SunPlans, they originated from Create-A-SunPlan or Adapt-A-SunPlan services.)
A right-sized first floor, simple shape and overflow spaces in the sunny, daylight basement make the Daylight Dreams home perfect for a practical family that loves the sun.  The sunny kitchen opens to the large living area. The lower floor can adapt for expanded living, growing children or aging parents.
Designed around wonderful views to the north and land that slopes down on the north, the Brunswick South is as much nature-inspired as it is sun-inspired. Both the special view and topography are designed around along with the elements of passive solar. With windows on both sides of the home, daylight is very balanced and cross breezes can flow easily.
The Moorhaus Cottage 4 features the charm of a one and a half story home with its upper floor nooks and crannies.  The dormers bring in light and add to the craftsman exterior details.  The small, but welcoming east-facing front porch makes the garage doors less prominent. With full south windows on all three floors, south views and sunlight are plentiful.
The Midnight Sun 2 has a large great room with central hearth. On the south, a sun room buffers the  central living from direct sun yet on sunny winter days the French doors can be open to allow the sunís heat to flow. The small footprint and detached garage allow for the home to be built on small lots and more  economically than homes with a large foundation.