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Newest Sun-Inspired Passive Solar House Plans
These sunny, high-performance homes have been recently added to our overall house plan list  where they have "NEW" by their name. Click on the photo of each below to see the plan details.
(Like other SunPlans, they originated from Create-A-SunPlan or Adapt-A-SunPlan services.)
The French Cowgirl 4 features a fun, get-away tower with a full size stair case leading up to it. The same stairway connects to the sunny daylight basement which if finished can double the living area to accommodate another generation of parents or children. 
First Floor 1176 s.f.
Tower 196 s.f.
Total 1372 s.f.
Daylight Basement  1176 s.f
The Fox Trail is a simple yet elegant traditional home with a floor plan for modern living.  A cool north-facing front porch welcomes summer evening visits. When entering the home through the custom front door the visitor sees a two story foyer graced with the staircase up to the second floor.
First Floor 1392 s.f.
Second Floor 909 s.f.
Total 2301 s.f.
Daylight Basement 1392 s.f.
The Golden Harvest design was inspired by the Sunny Dreams plan. The home owner loved the front with its quaint entry (on the west for the Golden Harvest) and steep roof as well as the dining area that extended to the south with 270 degree views surrounded by windows. There are five spaces over three floors that could be bedrooms, studies or craft rooms.
First Floor 1408 s.f.
Second Floor 1073 s.f.
Total 2481 s.f.
Basement 1408 s.f.
The Lone Mountain nestles into a hillside that slopes to the east (or west if reversed.) While the visitorís entry on the main floor is accessed by a creative stair case, there is a lower level entry as well which is perfect for a home office or an in-laws apartment. Wonderful east views are from the living and master bedroom.
First Floor 1988 s.f.
Daylight Basement  1427 s.f.
Basement Garage 540 s.f.