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Newest Sun-Inspired Passive Solar House Plans
These sunny, high-performance homes have been recently added to our overall house plan list  where they have "NEW" by their name. Click on the photo of each below to see the plan details.
(Like other SunPlans, they originated from Create-A-SunPlan or Adapt-A-SunPlan services.)

The Gazing Star is ideal for a steep, narrow lot with expansive views to the east and south. The home was inspired by the French Cowgirl series with the small footprint and spacious living areas below. This home features a south viewing tower, a side balcony and a large east deck to take full advantage of the views.  A front garage below keeps the house narrow while wide stars lead up to the welcoming east-facing front porch.

The Moorhaus Cottage 5 with its clean-lined simplicity can house a large family with at least four bedrooms.  A welcoming north-facing entry with craftsman timber touches emphasizes one of many “quality over quantity” features of this sun-inspired  home.  It blends with the woods in rural areas as well as other homes in neighborhood. Inside, the central masonry heater that runs vertically through the center warms the home and the heart.
A north facing lot with views to the south inspired the design of Carolina Lakeside which evolved from similar Sun Plans designs with the delightful central atrium.  The welcoming front porch opens into a two story foyer with a large staircase.  Immediately through an arched passage way is the main living area that features a fireplace flanked with bookcases on one end and the large kitchen on the other. A spacious laundry and family foyer connect the home to an attached garage and large screened porch for outdoor living.
The White Magnolia has less square footage and simpler construction than the Steel Magnolia.  The porch is narrower which reduces construction cost yet still large enough for summer evening chats with a group. Less porch roof area also means more light into the adjacent bedrooms. Its spaciousness is apparent upon entering the home through the front door with the open dining on one side and clear view to the south French doors. The welcoming side entry brings guests into the surprise of the home – the sun room/breezeway with the quaint, overlooking loft with dormers north and south to allow sunlight to stream down.  When the windows are closed, the space is a sun room, and with them open, it is transformed into a breezeway (with outdoor kitchen) for hot summer days.  This north facing home can be as simple or elegant as the home owner’s desire by changing the selection of columns.