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Newest Sun-Inspired Passive Solar House Plans
These sunny, high-performance homes have been recently added to our overall house plan list  where they have "NEW" by their name. Click on the photo of each below to see the plan details.
(Like other SunPlans, they originated from Create-A-SunPlan or Adapt-A-SunPlan services.)
2017 Plans Added
Chateau Soleil - Yvonne and Andre wanted their home to reflect the one level homes of the French countryside. The exterior should be a smooth and simple look that blended into the southern garden connected to the major living areas. They needed three bedrooms and a study private from the master bedroom. The front faces north.
Fox Sparrow 2 -  Amy and Gil loved the farmhouse look of the Fox Sparrow with two bedrooms on the main floor, but did not need the expansive second floor.  Part of the upper level was kept to create a creative loft and two bedrooms (and much more) were added in a full daylight basement. The front faces north.
Garden Delight - Leslie and George needed a large wrap around porch close to their garden to the northwest.  Side entries to both the main floor and lower level sunroom were required. Two bedrooms were desired on the main floor and two more below as part of an apartment. The front faces north.
Prince Charming 2 - Herb and Angie have western mountain views and needed to see them from the main living areas and outdoor spaces without compromising the passive solar gain. Reversing and adapting the Prince Charming for a southwestern style worked well for them. The front door faces east.
2016 Plans Added
Ben Franklin 2 - Dan and Anne of the original Ben Franklin, came back years later to have the north-facing design modified to fit their budget.  The second floor was removed and the two bedrooms and bath were moved to the daylight basement. Construction costs had risen from when they originally planned to build before the housing crisis.  Those changes also reduced energy operating costs.
Half Moon 4 -  Steve and Ann's drive came up from the south of their property so the Moon Dance  with the entry on the south worked perfectly.  The brick exterior also fit their requirements.  Sun Plans shrunk the house width to save on construction costs and moved the garage to the west side to allow a north screen porch to be added that opened to their garden in back.
French Quarter 3 - Greg and Reba were surprised that the construction cost of a basement costs more than what contractors had first led them to believe. The French Quarter 2 with a large basement was modified to a more cost-effective option of  a slab foundation. The west-facing house still maintains the spacious first floor and large eastern back porch with nearby corner sunroom-like space.  
Water Music 4 - Living in a cold climate, Nellie and Brent need a more energy-efficient home than the original Water Music designed for a warmer climate. They still wanted to bring the north views into their home, but with less north glass. More bedrooms upstairs were also needed - a change that also simplified the floor framing system.  This is one of the Sun Plans favorite designs!
2015 Plans Added
Eco Soleil - The Eco Soleil was originally designed for a deep in-fill lot in a historic neighborhood, but it could work equally well on any south-facing site where width is restricted by lot size or steep grades.   Four bedrooms are included in less than 2000 square feet.  The entire front of the house is sunny and inviting with a trellis that adds charm to the front porch and allows the sun to stream through to the dining area and living room.
Katrina Cottage 2 - Craig wanted to move the entry of the Katrina Cottage to the east side, add a sun porch and expand the detached garage to fit his land in Maine.  He has been working on some of the interior design elements himself in 3D as he will most likely build many of the cabinets himself. The 3 br, 2 ba plan is 1500 s.f. with the front facing east.
Green View 2 - Steve in Virginia wanted to expand the north-facing Green View first floor and create a large garage with apartment above since he may build that first. The changes to his plans were made in record time to meet his tight time frame. The design is a 3br, 2ba in little over 2500 s.f. for both floors in a spacious, yet compact, 1.5 story home.
The Blueberry Cottage is a variation of a home designed for a Historic District infill lot.  With 3 bedroom and 2 baths in 1380 s.f. in a simple shape, it is an inexpensive house to construct.  The long south side allows light in to the entire open south side to make the main living area feel very large. The French doors on the back really brighten the country kitchen.