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Sun-Inspired Home Designs In Progress
The Eco Soleil affordable home for a non-profit organization aims for LEED-Homes Platinum and a HERS rating of 35 indicating it should use only 35% of the energy of a code-built home. It has five bedrooms in less than 2000 square feet. View  a movie of the rotating Eco Soleil.
Want Sun Plans to develop a similar home for your project?  Inquire about our non-profit rates. 
Carolina Lakeside
The Carolina Lakeside evolved from our popular 1.5 story plans with a central atrium yes this one has some energy advantages since the long wall is designed to face true south.  (Similar plans such as the Fairy Tale - a home near the Gulf Coast, Hemlock Haven - a mountain site cloaked in fir trees, and Lakeside Sunrise - a home on a tight lake site, had to be oriented 45 degrees off of south with two sides facing south due to their tight lots.)  Carolina Lakeside has an attached garage on the west end, a screened porch on the southwest, over 2700 s.f. of living area, three bedrooms and the featured second floor siting area directly under the atrium! Look for it on soon!
Other home designs currently being created for Sun Plans' clients have not even been named, let alone constructed. Some of these passive solar designs are later posted to our website for sale.
Other Designs in Progress
The following Sun Plans' designs are "on the board" as they are still being completed for the clients and have not even been named yet!
This 2500 s.f. unique home features a private master wing and a loft overlooking the spacious living areas. Insulated concrete construction with wrought iron Mediterranean detailing creates an elegant, yet strong and comfortable, home.
The spacious 1.5 story home below with a full basement was created for our client with traditional design tastes, but high-performance goals for energy performance. It is possible to have both!

While not every client chooses to have 3D developed, increasingly they request to see the home inside and out prior to finalizing Construction Prints. (3D drawings can also be created for an existing Sun Plans design through the Create-A-3D services.)

Typically, before arriving at this stage in the design process, the Sun Plans client looked at plans for months.  Surely there is something that could work for them. Exhausting the possibilities, running out of time, and reading the comments from other clients, they trusted Sun Plans to turn their dreams into reality.

What can Sun Plans do to earn your confidence in our ability to create a comfortable, low-energy, sun-inspired design which you can call home?
Or perhaps assistance is needed with the development of renewable energy center as the proposed one below where an a passive solar home is built on site next to a renewable energy educational facility.
Sun Plans looks forward to hearing from you with YOUR project ideas! Contact us!