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Fairy Tale: Jan & David

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Strong, colorful, and comfy. Centrally sunny. 4BR. 1.5 story. 2420 sf
The Fairy Tale not only embraces the brightness of the sun, but the clients also enjoy other bright colors that make their passive solar home enchanting!
Thanks to Jan and David for allowing us to visit their home on the Gulf Coast! With the high mass of the ICF walls and floors, they've used the air conditioning very little even in the hot, humid climate. This house was so fun to visit - sort of like being in a, well, fairy tale.  Their creative attention to color and detail is hard to beat! Having a construction-savvy daughter and high tech son provided them with some extra guidance. 
The Fairy Tale was adapted from another SunPlans design.  A large porch was more desirable for them than a sunroom with the mild coastal weather. And should they later decide to use that space more in winter than summer, they can easily glass in the porch for high solar gain - enough to supplement the main house in winter.  The 45 degree angle siting was perfect for their narrow lot with a Gulf of Mexico view. Hurricane Katrina had previously devoured their previous home on the lot and this time they built the main part of the house to with stand a tidal surge. ICF walls up to the roof and the ICF floor structure for the raised crawlspace is a way of self-insuring this home lasts a long time. David and Jan are known for hosting many parties and the large wrap around deck and porch with good traffic flow assures that guest and air can flow and mix when the doors are open!