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Garden Delight: Leslie and George

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"Everyone that visits is just amazed and loves how the house looks, loves the windows and all the light, and asks about the design of it, lol they ask if I designed it myself as it is "unique" I guess.  Also, my husband always comments on how well it "flows" and that seems to be a common observation of guests too. The spaces are all just right for our needs and the root cellar especially has been so so wonderful.  I thought at first it was bigger than I needed, but no, it is just right and I can do so much with that space relating to our ongoing "food factory" activities.  Just canned 9 quarts of tomato juice today from the last of the tomatoes I picked a week ago before the frosts started hitting.  Donnie loves the front porch and goes outside to sit in the swivel rocker fairly often with his lap dog. 

"Sonny Ridgeway, builder, doesn't even do email.  He is retired but doing a project per year or so. 

"I know they used closed cell foam in the wall.  I don't know about the exterior foam insulation, maybe; everything has been so hectic I didn't keep up with all the details on some things like that.  I do know the house is VERY quiet inside, you can't hear even loud equipment going on outside.  It was amazing when he put the insulation in how quiet it got in there.

"It has been very nice inside without air conditioning up until about a week ago when we had the party.  There is wonderful ventilation with the windows open.  It was pretty warm in the winter too once the windows and insulation were in, I have a picture of a thermometer somewhere in that construction album of how warm it was in the living room area with no heat on a cold day, even before the siding and caulking were done. 

"Summer was no problem, just running the AC set at 78 upstairs worked fine, and the basement was really cool. Sept Oct the same, never got too hot.  Now (mid-November) that it has gotten cold at night, but sunny and warm in the day and we aren't running the air conditioning anymore, it has been really really warm upstairs some sunny days.  So we can open the windows and cool things off, but then we want to hold in some of the heat for night time, so I wasn't sure how exactly to handle it, if we should open them for a few hours or try to keep them shut to absorb the heat or what.  It was down in the high 20's last night outside,  but the house never got below 72 and the heat never had to come on, then today zoom! up to 80 to 82 fairly quickly.  Today we managed to just keep the windows shut and it was just a little uncomfortable, not that bad.    Anyway, we weren't sure how to handle this time of year with opening the windows, etc--and of course, it is a good problem to have!  We are just amazed at how warm the house is!  I absolutely love it! 

(Debbie suggested for those extra sunny winter days to maybe add a small in-line fan to pull the hot air from the first floor down to the basement which has a lot of thermal mass. )

"love love love the house! Thanks" Leslie