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Islander 3: Dianne & Steve

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A lovely eastern view. Construction simplicity. 3BR. 1 story, 2 BA, 1954 sf
The Islander 3 exemplifies beautiful, energy-efficient housing. Adaptations to the original sun-inspired Islander plan that included a concrete slab foundation instead of a basement to improve interior comfort with more thermal mass.
A big thanks to our client Dianne for sending us these photos of her Islander house which we adapted by adding the large wrap around porches for an abundance of outdoor living spaces. A very tight buildable area on the site dictated a few corners of the house be cut-off and the high water table prevented a dry basement from being construction.  The concrete slab provides more thermal mass in any case though to keep temperature swings between day and night low no matter the season.  We are curious to hear how she has been using the back  second floor deck overlooking the water that was their compromise for not having a second floor. The economical construction of the roof trusses versus  and relatively low-sloped roof allowed them to spend more on interior finishes.