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Solstice: Pam & Paul

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More inside, less outside. Spacious main floor. 4 BR. 1.5 story. 2801 sf
Sun Plans adapted the Dakota design through Adapt-A-Plan services since the original passive solar design had all of the spaces that they enjoyed.  Their finish carpenter added the icing on the cake with his fine carpentry skills with craftsman-style detailing inside and out.. 
Paul and Paul were our first Adapt-A-SunPlan clients when we started our internet-based design services in the early 2000's.   Up until their request, we'd never considered working with someone to make changes to a plan that we had designed for someone else, but they really liked our Dakota plan except for a few areas. But as with other clients with whom we make changes, during the process, we all began to question the items that the original client loved, but may not have been suitable for Pam and Paul, so the house continued to evolve.
Receiving comments like these certainly make our day! 

"Today was a very exciting day for us---we moved into our beautiful new home. It is truly beautiful in every aspect! Thank you so much for designing our dream house. Everything about it is wonderful. At noon (EST, that is) the sun shines into the south facing windows at a perfect...angle. In the past month, as we have moved in and around the house working on the finishing touches, the temperature (thanks to the beautiful tile floors) remains a comfortable constant 78 degrees. We have turned our Solstice bungalow home into an Arts and Crafts style home. The interior is full of stained woodwork. The space is full of delicious light. The upstairs is a great space. Our furniture is a wonderful fit! From every window downstairs we have a view of our pond. We sat on the back deck at sunset and watched a flock of Canada geese have a late afternoon snack and then take off in V formation."

The foundation is a concrete slab on grade with insulation beneath the southern area that receives direct sun.  The 2x6 exterior walls are filled with sprayed insulation, and wrapped with ½” of rigid insulation.   The vented roof has 10” of blown fiberglass insulation. The glass area of the south windows equals 9% of the floor area requiring the house to have thermal mass:  4 inch concrete slab covered with tile.

The auxiliary mechanical system is a heat pump.  The thermostat is kept on 68 degrees F in winter and 78 degrees in summer. In wintertime, the house is comfortable except when the temperatures drop below 20 and there is no sun for three days or more.  In spring and fall, it is just right and they love to have the windows open. Their favorite spaces are the living room and the adjoining deck.

"Please give credit to our builder Frank McLawhorn Construction Company of Ayden, North Carolina. Frank is as much a pleasure to work with as you have been.  Ron Sessoms, the interior finish carpenter, was responsible for the design and implementation of the beautiful arts and crafts interior details...Working with Debbie [for the design changes] was easy, fun and extremely successful for us.….
We are especially happy to report that we got a delicious tax break for building a passive solar house [in NC].  On top of that, our utility bills in the last year have been gratifyingly reasonable.
"We like the “open, light-filled spaces, feelings of comfort, and energy independence.  We absolutely love our passive solar house!”
- Pam and Paul