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Stillwater: Paul & Jane

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Great north views. Wrap-a-around porch. Sun-tempered. 3 BR. 1.5 story. 2502 sf
In this custom designed, sun-tempered home, the clients opted for less solar gain (and therefore no additional thermal mas)  in order to keep the interior temperatures comfortable.  The architect modified other details of the home to make the most of the sun and keep their energy bills as low as possible.The windows are very carefully placed so that only the best views are captured.  The two bedrooms on the southern corners (upstairs and down) remain the brightest areas of the home - with their sun room character.
With primary views to the northeast, light sensitive eyes, a hot climate yet desire for some solar gain naturally lead to a sun-tempered design where south glass totals less than 7% of the floor area.  Extra southwest and southeast wall area is available to increase south glass, but with the difficulty of shading the lower part with conventional overhangs, Paul and Jane opted for less windows. Custom Design was on their mind from the beginning with these and other custom requests.  With a custom design they knew they could get a much smaller footprint with no wasted space which would allow them to spend more on interior finishes.

Cavities filled with carefully fitted and blown insulation wrap the house around the unvented crawl space and timber frame of the central two-story rectangle. Then rigid foam insulation wraps those walls and roof. The large garage is attached and the carport near the laundry provides a place for outdoor clothes drying.  A geothermal heat pump provides the minimally needed heating and cooling and also helps heat the water. Light colored walls and a reflective shingle roof helps reflect the sun.
Jane and Paul now have more money to spend on gourmet food and drinks to enjoy on their relaxing back porch.  The homemade pie they served on our visit was a definite incentive to return!  We thank them for allowing us to take more photos.