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Open House Overview
A few Sun Plans' home owners have generously opened up their finished homes by providing photos. Some have also provided comments. We are grateful for their help!
While you will not see glamorous magazine photos by professional photographers, you will see homes with the lively look of every day life. With imagination, you can envision how you might decorate and change the spaces to suit your tastes and preferences.
The homes shown may vary substantially from the original house plan as most people tweak the interior and exterior finishes as well as construction details to suit their personal tastes.

Rita and Sean
Large clerestory. 3 BR. One story with 287 s.f. loft. 2148 s.f. total.
Safe Haven
Lauren and Family
Simple and Sunny! Daylight basement can be rented out. Total over 3000 s.f.
Sunny Dreams
Nenad and Biljana
European creativity. 5 BR,1.5 story, Daylight basement, 2616 s.f.
Prairie Dog 3
Ruth & Doug
Small footprint. 3+ BR. 1 story w/ sunny basement. 2241 sf including lower level.
Roseburg Cottage 7
Sarah and Tim
Vertically interesting on 3 floors! 2318 s.f. 1st and 2nd floor plus daylight basement.
Roseburg Cottage 2
Paula and Family
Compact and Open, 1921 s.f. on two floors plus sunny basement
Hemlock Haven
Chris and Carolyn
Creative and Comfortable. 2037 s.f., 1.5 story with large porch or sunroom
Moorhaus Cottage 4
Kathy & Jim
Compact Footprint Bungalow Character 2.5 stories 4+ BR, 3.5 BA 3226 s.f. total all levels
Sunset Bungalow
Rachel & Mark
Low profile nestled into the land. 3+ BR. 1 story. 1999 sf plus sun room.
Four Seasons 2
David & Susan
Super sunny dining. Small footprint. Large living area. 4 BR. 2 story. 2294 s.f.
Half Moon 4
Steve and Ann
South Entry Porch, 1488 s.f. main floor plus sunny basement, 2941 s.f. total
Ben Franklin
John and Susie
Practical and simple, 3 BR, 1.5 story, 2099 s.f. total
Pam & Paul
More inside, less outside. Spacious main floor. 4 BR. 1.5 story. 2801 sf
Adirondack Atrium
Central clerestory. Two walls capture views. 4+ BR. 1.5 story. 2975 sf
Equinox Homestead
GNB Builders
Tried and true. Updated for you. 3+ BR. 1 story w/ opt. loft. 2217 sf
Northern Lights
Gordon & Janice
Wrap-around porch. Corner sun room. Walk up attic. 3 BR. 1 story, 2328 sf
Paul & Jane
Great north views. Wrap-a-around porch. Sun-tempered. 3 BR. 1.5 story. 2502 sf
Sun Dance 3
Terri & Anthony
Crazy for real stone. Cozy window seat. 3BR. 1.5 story. 1967 sf
Steel Magnolia
Anna & Leon
Sun room breezeway. Expandable second floor. 4+ BR. 1 story w/ loft. 3258 sf
Tom & Beth
Small and plentiful! Grand western view. Large porch. 3BR. 1.5 story. 1725 sf
Islander 3
Dianne & Steve
A lovely eastern view. Construction simplicity. 3BR. 1 story, 1954 sf
Sunset Bungalow
Paula and James
Fairy Tale
Jan & David
Strong, colorful, and comfy. Centrally sunny. 4BR. 1.5 story. 2420 sf
Brighton Bungalow
Mark & Valerie
Craftsman inspiration. Comfy porches. 3+ BR. 1.5 story. 2500 sf

Are you living in a Sun Plans home? Do you have photos and comments to share? Please contact us about the possibility of showcasing your home.Your privacy is our utmost concern and we will not share your last name nor location unless you request.