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Mountain Atrium
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First Floor 1818 s.f.
Second Floor Loft 650 s.f.
Total Interior 2468 s.f.
Porches 550 s.f.
Decks 862 s.f.
Opt. Garage 864 s.f.
Width 56' + Garage
Depth 56'
Front Faces Northeast
7% South Glass

The Mountain Atrium is a simpler, smaller version of our popular Atrium home designed to sit at an angle to the sun. The Mountain Atrium was modified to fit on a family cabin site and the extended family was involved in the design changes since they would all be visiting on long holidays. They needed plenty of nooks for sleeping and a large screened porch to take advantage of their southeast view. The front door and family entry to the screened porch are both from the northeast. The garage was detached to improve views from inside.


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