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Drawings Available for Passive Solar Sun Plans
In addition to creating new sun-inspired designs, Sun Plans has several types of house plan drawings that will make planning a sun-inspired home easier! Customization of each design is available. Choose from several options as described below or begin with:
Illustrates the sun-inspired principles in both educational material and in house plan examples.
Read about the various drawing types:

Study the design of a home inside and out without the clutter of construction information. More information than the drawings on the website and in The Sun-Inspired House, but less information than the Review Set.
Review the construction details of a house plan with your builder, who may create a budget estimate. More information than the Study Plan, but less information than the Construction Prints or CAD Files. Stamped "Not For Construction." Includes a Study Plan too!
Ready to build! Includes Custom Energy Specs and 24"x36" drawings. (Now black on white instead of blue.) Suitable for building the home with minor changes that can be coordinated with the contractor during construction.
Make changes, then build. Available in various digital formats to aid in customized changes by a local design professional. Includes Custom Energy Specs, CAD Files, PDF files and Copyright Release, which gives permission for the design to be modified or copied.
A service that reverses the home along the north-south axis. Available for Construction Prints and CAD Files.
A comprehensive service included with Construction Prints and CAD Files. Various energy-related features and possible minor changes to adapt a house plan to a particular climate are presented. (For evaluation and discussion of of these implications prior to placing an order, please consider Adapt-A-SunPlan Consulting.)
Alert: Several customers have mentioned that certain builders and designers (architects typically are aware of the illegal nature of the action) have told them that they do not need to purchase Construction Prints or CAD files. The builder or designer then offers to copy the Sun Plans' design from the website, Study Plan or Review Set and also make changes that a customer would like.  Frankly, it does not seem possible that anyone could create a new set of plans and Custom Energy Specs that are equal in quality to the Sun Plans quality and price of Construction Prints or CAD files, but in any case, it is both unethical and illegal.  Copyrighted work (even with changes) is a federal crime with penalties of $250,000 plus attorney fees.  Read more about this and other general questions on our FAQ page.