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CAD* Files
*Computer-Aided Design
Almost ready to build, but need a few changes? While the house design is intended to save the home owner energy, the CAD Files are designed to reduce the energy of design professionals by making adaptations proceed faster should it be desired to have someone other than the Sun Plans' architect team make the adaptations. The PDF files that are a part of the order also allow the home owner or builder to print their own Construction Prints even if no changes are made.

Perhaps another architect or experienced residential design professional will be expanding the house a couple of feet, changing the exterior materials, moving a bathroom, or rearranging interior walls and doors. Perhaps a structural engineer will add rebar sizes and specific connections suitable for the local codes, soils, winds, snow or seismic activity. Perhaps the builder finds it easier to perform take offs and layouts with this electronic version of construction prints. Home Energy Raters or HVAC subs creating duct work layouts may request  CAD Files to increase the speed and accuracy of their services.

CAD files are intended to be used by experienced professionals in residential design.

CAD Files orders contain much more than just CAD files!
  • CAD files (see below for options)
  • PDF file of the Construction Prints
  • PDF file of Custom Energy Specs
  • PDF file of Copyright Release to allow the house to be modified and changed for one project.
  • The above are typically sent via email within 5 business days.
  • If instead, the customer would like for the information to be  mailed, the above can be sent on a CD for $100 extra payable through the Custom Payment Link on the Shopping Cart. Please allow an additional 3-5 days for shipping.  The order will also include:  Two mini sets of Construction Prints on 11"x17" paper with printed 8.5x11 Custom Energy Specs within 5 business days. US Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.
  • Two hours of technical support by email or phone with the experienced design professional after the order is placed (This can be regarding general CAD file questions or energy implications of changes.)
  • As part of the technical support with CAD Files, the Sun Plans' architect can review and consult on proposed changes immediately after the order, but prior to preparing Custom Energy Specs, to address energy implications if the customer sends a list of proposed changes. (In-depth consulting beyond two hours max. may be extra. If consulting is desired before the order is placed, then the Adapt-A-SunPlan Consulting and Review is the process to take.)
After an order is placed, please reply to the email received to advise of the requested information that describes the Custom Energy Specs and other miscellaneous items.
Prices start at $1,445.
A customer who purchased Sun Plans CAD files emailed to say:
"I wanted to contact you earlier but I hope this late date will still convey our sincere satisfaction with the high quality of Fernwood 2 house plans you sent in December. The site-specific construction details you provided are quite thorough. We can hardly wait to get started at building it. We especially welcome the Internet references you suggest...please know that we recognize and appreciate the excellent product you sent, and we will gladly recommend you to others with an interest in passive solar design."
CAD File options & additional information
 This information is primarily intended for an experienced residential design professional
  • The standard method of preparing the CAD files is in AutoCAD 2000 DWG file type, with the files split into separate files.(We can export to any version of AutoCAD between version 12 and 2012, but 2000 seems to be the most common one that most design professionals can use.)
  • Can't use any of these CAD Files types, but still want the local design professional to copy and redraw the design with changes? Please see information under Copyright to obtain permission for doing so and order the Construction Prints instead.
  • Special requests for all-in-one CAD files, DXF or AEC (DataCAD) files can be honored if advised within one business day of the order.
  • Split CAD Files are divided into separate files - cover sheet, foundation, first floor, second floor, elevations, section, kitchen, wall detail, and detached garage as applicable.  More than one of the printed sheet may be in each file. For instance, the fp1elect and fp1framing will also be in the fp1 file, but these are recommended to be printed separately as shown in our PDF files.
  • Our layering system is such that the first few letters of the file name correspond to the drawing that it is on.  Various layers must be turned on and off to create various sheets - i.e. turn off the electrical, framing, etc. when printing the floor plan sheet with the dimensions. 
  • The CAD Files also list the pen weights used with each color so that printed drawings can reflect the intended line weights.
  • The above should be self-explanatory when the experienced residential design professional opens the files, but if not, please have them contact us.
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