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Mirror Reverse
As demonstrated in the "flip" feature on the drawings shown for each Sun Plan, wouldn't it be nice if the front porch was on the east rather than the west?  Or maybe the light from the sunset suits the family's sleeping schedule and bedroom location better than light from the sunrise. Whatever the reason (and there are hundreds!) for flipping a house along the north-south axis, Sun Plans' Mirror Reversing can transform a house design with this service available for Construction Prints and CAD Files.
With Mirror Reverse, all of the drawings in each set of reversed Construction Prints will be "right reading".  Sun Plans does not simply flip over the Construction Prints and make copies.  And unlike the "flip" feature on each house plan web page, in Construction Prints and CAD Files, the numbers and letters will be readable.
Reversing mirrors a plan along the north-south axis of the house. In rectangular plans designed with one long wall designed to face south, the south and north sides still face the same compass direction, but the east and west are reversed. In angled plans designed to sit at a 45 degree angle to south and with two south-facing sides—southeast and southwest—the mirror line is from the northern-most corner to the southern-most corner which is a diagonal line across the house. What was the northwest wall would then become the northeast wall, and what was the southwest wall would then become the southeast wall.
Prices start at $200.
And yes, a design professional can also do the reversing with the CAD Files. Ask their preference prior to placing the order.
Mirror Reverse Drawings are not available for Study Plans and Review Sets.