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Review Sets
If you crave technical details or have a builder on board that will work with you for a preliminary cost estimate, the Review Set will be invaluable. Better to find out sooner than later if the house is within your budget.  (Construction costs vary too widely throughout North America for us to give you a reliable estimate.) The Review Set price is deductible from future orders of Construction Prints or CAD Files of any Sun Plan - even if you change to a completely different house plan.
Would you like to see an example plan? (The one shown below that can be downloaded is a simple, one-story example with concrete walls. Two-story homes and those with daylight basements have more drawings. Construction details vary greatly from one home  design to another.)

Review Sets include:
  • A mini set of construction drawings on 11"x17" paper sent via U.S. Mail 
  • If instead you wish to receive the drawings quickly via email, please add "Upgrade to PDF's" files from the Online Store when placing the order.  With PDF's you can print unlimited copies of the Review Set for the use sharing with other building professionals who may be assisting with the plans construction evaluation
  • 10 to 16 pages of drawings, depending upon the complexity of the home.
  • As applicable, each set would typically contain a schematic site plan, foundation plan (slab, crawlspace or basement), floor plans, exterior elevations, building section, kitchen elevations, wall detail, electrical, framing plans and garage. (See individual house plan Detail Tab for exact drawings for each home.)
  • Dimensions and construction notes on all sheets.
  • A copy of the Study Plan described elsewhere.
  • NEW! Sun Plans has introduced a new service for Review Sets. An "Opinion of Probable Construction Cost" can be provided for those who purchase a Review Set. Along with the Review Set, Sun Plans can send an Excel spreadsheet that shows the range of construction costs based on information that other Sun Plans home owners have provided. Just ask for this service after the order is placed. (This is based on national information. Sun Plans is too small of a company to have statistics by state or region.)
If you later want to switch to another plan or order a second (or third) Review Set for a reduced price.
(See Orders for upgrade policies.)
Prices start at $200. As a rule, the prices are based on $20 for each sheet of drawings.
Go to the Sun Plans Online Store to purchase one now, or click on the Purchase tab on any house plan.