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Available drawing formats:    Study  | Review  | Construction  | CAD  | Reverse
Study Plans
Want to see larger, clearer, drawings than what are shown on the individual house plan page?  The Study Plan was designed with this in mind.
Study Plans include:
Example Study Plan
  • A mini set of drawings on 11"x17" paper sent via U.S. Mail
  • If instead you wish to receive the drawings quickly via email, please add "Upgrade to PDF's" files from the Online Store when placing the order.  With PDF's you can print unlimited copies of the Study Plans for the use in studying the design prior to ordering further construction sets
  • Six to nine pages of drawings, depending upon the complexity of the home.
  • Schematic site plan, floor plans (with room sizes and furniture), daylight basements if applicable, all four exterior elevations in detail and a schematic section of the house to help visualize the interior, kitchen elevations and garage plans.
  • If the home owner has sent photos, those may be included too. For some plans, 3D color drawings are also available if mentioned on the shopping cart page. Plans with these will be higher priced.
Would you like to see an example plan?
Later it is possible to upgrade to the Review Set if it is desired to see construction information about the plan. (See Orders for upgrade policies.)
Prices start at $60. As a rule, the prices are based on $10 for each sheet of drawings. Go the the Sun Plans' Online Store to purchase one now, or click on the Purchase tab on any house plan.