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Specials and Savings
Sun Plans values and rewards returning customers as well as those who plan ahead.  Prices of plans ordered to study and review a design can be deducted from future orders. (Some limitations may apply.)


Free Study Plans
Engage the architect in Create-A-SunPlan Consulting and receive complimentary Study Plans of designs that might work for you based on the detailed information that you have submitted in the Create-A-SunPlans questionnaire/wish list.
Sun Plans' Paperless Special - Choose PDF's instead of paper...for free!

This paperless option has become so popular that we have extended the special indefinitely!
  • Upgrade new orders of Study Plans, Review Sets or Construction Print to PDFs for free! (These are shipping in place of the printed versions.)
  • Our Reasoning: Receiving orders in PDF format allows for fast delivery as well as unlimited printing of your purchased plan!
  • How to take advantage of this deal: After you place the order, reply immediately to the email that you want the PDF version INSTEAD of the printed drawings.
  • If you want the PDF in ADDITION TO the printed sets, there is a small fee. When you choose a plan in our Secure Online Store, click the link in the header that says 'Upgrade to PDF' and choose the appropriate drawing type - Study Plan, Review Set or Construction Prints - then add it to your basket along with the house plan of your choice.
  • You may also want to refer to the information on the Ordering Information page.
Free Construction PDF and CAD Files
With Create-A-SunPlan or Adapt-A-SunPlan services by Sun Plans, receive PDF and CAD Files (if needed) of the final design in addition to the six sets of Construction Prints for no additional charge. ($500 value) The CAD files are typically sent directly to the structural engineer or other design professional who may be providing additional services for the home owner.
Pay by Check Discount
First, please Contact Us to let us know that a check is in the mail so that the can order can be prepped and be ready to  send when the check arrives. Due to the increasingly high costs of using credit cards, Sun Plans offer savings to those who pay by check for orders over $100. In fact, for custom services of Adapt-A-SunPlan and Create-A-SunPlan, payment by check is expected and 5% is charged for payment by credit card. For shopping cart orders, the credit card fee is included in the price, but if a check is sent, a discount can be applied if the order is mailed in. Here the Order Form can be downloaded for those wishing to pay by check. 
  • Year-round Check Discount - A  5% discount may be deducted from the price of orders over $100 paid by check. 
Credit Overview
For the following specials and savings, you may:
Order through the Online Store and then reply to the automatic email requesting the credit. (For orders placed before 2:00 p.m. CST on business days Monday-Friday, Sun Plans may be able to issue the credit on the same day.) Every order is checked for past purchases associated with the order email address so most likely the credit would be issued even without hearing an email received. If email addresses have changed, an email may assure that the credit is not overlooked.
Contact Us to request a review of the order history. The resulting price can then be emailed and be entered at the Custom Payment Link in the Online Store.
More than one discount may be applied to the same order, but some exclusions may apply.
Book Credit
Deduct the price of The Sun-Inspired House previously purchased directly from Sun Plans from the cost of any house plan valued at more than $100. (Up to $25 discount for book.)
Study Plan Credit
Deduct the price of one previously purchased Study Plan when upgrading to the Review Set of the SAME plan less a $25 upgrade fee, or the total price from Construction Prints or CAD files of any Sun Plan. (Up to $100 discount based on current Study Plan prices.) It is possible to receive credit for more than one Study Plan although some limitations may apply.
Review Set Credits
Deduct the price of a previously purchased Review Set from the price of ANY set of Construction Prints or CAD Files less any consulting that has been provided by Sun Plans. It is possible to receive credit for more than one Review Set although some limitations may apply.
Previous Orders of Construction Prints or CAD files
Purchased Construction Prints or CAD Files from Sun Plans, but could not afford to build the home? Contact Us about a substantial discount by trading in your larger Sun Plan design for a  smaller, more fuel-efficient Sun Plan.