Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
Floor 1
952 sf
Floor 2
898 sf
1,850 sf
Entry Faces
South Glass
Windy Corner
Windy Corner features 'A Room with a View.' Central bay dining seats you closer to nature, the screened porch tucks you into the west shade trees, the large tub offers views up a north hillside, and the eastern tower provides a spot for moon and sunrise viewing. The first floor can be nestled into a south-facing hillside. With approaches from the southeast, the Windy Corner has two welcoming frontsothe south and eastowith the corner front porch. The exterior is a creative mix of stone, siding, two types of metal roof, and craftsman accents of knee braces and cloth awnings.
First Floor
The sunny south side of each floor contrasts nicely with the cozy north rooms. The east-facing front door brings guests and family into the same space-saving foyer. Immediately you have a diagonal view past the semi-open stairs to the bay dining area. The kitchen and laundry are out of first sight, but still convenient. The great room features stone walls and a wood stove. Beyond is an away room for an afternoon nap or overnight guests. Stone-lined central stairs allow for traffic and air flow.
Second Floor
The stair landing greets you with a window seat. The high south windows offer sky views above and wall space below. The library sitting area is lined with stone and bookcases. It opens to both the large 270-degreeview west screened porch and master bedroom. The room to the east of the stairs works well for projects needing space to spread out, but it serves as overnight guest space. The master bath can be shared by all. The northeast office area is computer-friendly with little direct light yet the east window lets in some morning sun and the shutters selectively allow views to the south. For a quick break from tedious study work, step out to the east sunroom tower with 270 degree views. The nearby outside stairs make for a quick path to the outdoors front porch while providing clients a quick entry to a home office.
The optional, detached two-vehicle garage is designed to blend with the home. The angled placement to the east complements the home. The low roof line makes it less intrusive to views from the tower porch.
Construction Info
The first floor bermed walls are ICF while the rest of the walls and roof are stick framed. The first floor ceilings are just under 9' and designed to work with 24' ICFs. The upstairs sloped ceilings peak at approximately 14' high. High windows on the east wall and the tower aid in passive cooling. The thermal mass is primarily in the stone-veneered walls and concrete slab first floor that can be covered in stone, tile, or any of the numerous concrete stains and finishes.
Modification Ideas
Since these ideas may affect energy performance and structural integrity, they should only be undertaken with professional assistance.
  • Move the away room doors to create a small bedroom if your land allows for large north windows
  • Add doors to one or two of the upstairs offices to create more upstairs bedrooms
Construction Drawings
For this plan, the following are included with Construction Prints and CAD Files:
  • Schematic Site Plan
  • Partially Bermed Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Exterior Elevations 
  • Building Section 
  • Kitchen Elevations
  • Typical Wall Detail
  • Schematic Electrical Plans
  • Schematic Framing Plans
  • Garage Plans
Comments and Photos
After they move in and get the home decorated and landscaped, clients often send photos as well as comments about their house. Check back later, but also be sure to check out photos of other homes as many Sun Plans designs have a similar feel inside the home.