Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
Floor 1
1,170 sf
Floor 2
529 sf
1,699 sf
Entry Faces
South Glass
Sun Dance Cottage
The Sun Dance Cottage is ideal for the narrow lot with south glass on the side of the home. The one and half story is more energy efficient that a single story home with the same square footage. The convenience of one bedroom downstairs is combined with the compact footprint that a two story home offers. The front is designed to face west (or east if reversed.) Like many of our house plans, the south living areas are bright and sunny while the north rooms will remain cool, but the Sun Dance Cottage also has views to the north from the dining and kitchen.
First Floor
The great room, sun room, and master suite downstairs all receive full sun light in winter. The vaulted ceilings and interior French doors create openness. The kitchen, on the cool north side, has a breakfast bar to hide messy dishes. The sunroom serves a variety of purposes. Close the French doors and it becomes an away room. Being close to the kitchen, it can serve as a breakfast room, or children's play area. The porch on the north provides a cool retreat in summer as well as a great place from which to watch sunsets. Your south deck will be tempting year-round. Roll out the awning to cover the deck when it is hot and your sunroom becomes cooler too.
Second Floor
The two sunny bedrooms upstairs share a bath with shower. There is an abundance of walk in attic storage under the eaves or nooks for kids play. Since the roof above is insulated, this eave space is semi-conditioned. Don't need two extra bedrooms? Build just the first floor all with vaulted ceilings.
Instead of the small carport shown (it's a covered patio though too) on the north, build the garage. It can be attached or detached from the home on the north side.
Construction Info
The great room, dining, and upstairs rooms are vaulted while the other first floor rooms have 8' ceilings. Thermal mass floors are designed for the south side of the house. The concrete mass floors can be covered in stone, tile, brick pavers, or concrete stain for a marble look. The electronically operated windows in the clerestory aid in cooling.
Modification Ideas
Since these ideas may affect energy performance and structural integrity, they should only be undertaken with professional assistance.
  • For a larger kitchen, expand it into the porch space to the north. The roof structure is already there
  • For a truly "great" room, remove the walls around the sunroom
  • Add square footage to the living room by removing the fireplace and moving the wall back a few feet into the sunroom
  • For a driveway on the right and the entry facing east, select the Mirror Reverse Option. You will also catch a beam of morning summer sun through the round window in front
Construction Drawings
For this plan, the following are included with Construction Prints and CAD Files:
  • Schematic Site Plan
  • Slab On Grade Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Exterior Elevations 
  • Building Section 
  • Kitchen Elevations
  • Typical Wall Detail
  • Schematic Framing Plans
  • Schematic Electrical Plans  
  • Garage Plans 
Two of the photos are from the Sparks family, who bought the CAD files and made some modifications to fit their modern preferences.