Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
Learn About Sun-Inspired Design

Sun-inspired design combines the practical aspects of saving energy with the delightful characteristics of bright interiors. How a home is oriented and where the windows are placed make a big difference in the energy needed to heat, cool and light a home. The basic concepts of passive solar design also keep the home cool in summer and maximize day lighting year-round. (Sun tempering or solar tempering is the "lighter" version of passive solar where less south glass is used.  Custom Energy Specs recommend the appropriate level for each climate and client.)

Low-cost passive solar strategies are more affordable than adding solar panels. Energy bills are typically 1/3 to 1/2 lower (or all the way to zero when PV is added) compared to a new home built to code. The sun can provide 20-90% of a house's heating needs with little cooling penalty. Sun-inspired concepts can be integrated into any design style. Learn more:

This information and more can be found in The Sun-Inspired House written by the Sun Plan's architect after years designing low-energy, high-performance, passive solar homes. The E-book available from Sun Plans also includes about 150 house plans.