Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
Build with Rise
Rita and Sean's RISE passive solar, net-zero home is featured on Build With Rise Nov 2019.
Here you can see the RISE design and purchase plans.
Home Power
Sun Plans' RISE home on cover of Home Power Aug/Sept 2014.
Read the online article "Mountain Solar".
Home Power also interviewed the Sun Plans Architect in 2014.  It includes some of her best advice for building a passive solar home. Read the interview.
"Net Zero Performance" in Home Power Aug/Sept 2012 by a Sun Plan's client who followed the Passive House philosophy during construction. Even though 100% passive solar is very difficult to achieve in any climate, even in his cold climate of Colorado, Jim wrote:"The passive solar design meets all of our space-heating needs..."
Read the online article "Net Zero Performance".
Mother Earth News
An interview with Sun Plans architect Debbie Coleman on page 6 in Mother Earth News Magazine - Oct/Nov 2012.
Read the online version of the Mother Earth News Interview with the Sun Plans architect.
Green Building & Sustainable Strategies
Sandy and Bill's Atrium 3 home is reviewed. The two-story atrium provides natural light and ventilation into the center of the home. Sun Plans homes can be adapted to many budgets based on the interior finishes chosen by the home owner. Sandy and Bill chose some of the finest available.They made some adaptations to the Atrium 3 design on the Sun Plans' web site to fit their lifestyle.
Read the online article in Green Building & Sustainable Strategies.
Comparing Sun-Inspired Homes to Passive Houses
With the introduction of the "Passive House" into the U.S., it's only natural to be confused with the phrase and wonder how it compares to a passive solar house including a Sun Plan. A sun-inspired house has always been a passive solar house, but did you know that it can also be a "Passive House"?"
Read the article comparing Sun-Inspired Homes to Passive Houses.