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Thanks for your interest in Sun Plans' sun-inspired architectural services and passive solar house plans!
For over 20 years, I have helped hundreds of home owners design and build a sun-inspired home! Residential architects are trained in the house design and planning process. The house plan is the end result of the planning process. I welcome the opportunity to help you!  - Debbie Coleman, Architect, Sun Plans
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Prior to completing this form, it is encouraged to try the detailed search tool for selecting a house plan and reviewing the FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions. The information that Sun Plans provides through this free Contact Us service does have its limitations. For detailed assistance with selecting a design, adapting a design, creating a design or customized advice from the Sun Plans architect, consider Consulting as do approximately 90% of the Sun Plans' customers. Then the questions that can be asked are endless and personalized!
You are welcome to call us too!  1-251-341-0509
(Customer Service hours are typically 9:00-2:00 CST. During holiday periods we work from home and there could be delays in returning calls.)

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