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Sun-inspired design reflects the practical aspect of saving energy and money as well as the delightful characteristics of bright interiors. How a home is placed on the lot or land, and where the windows are placed can make a huge difference in the energy needed to heat, cool and light a home.  These low-cost passive solar strategies are much more affordable than active solar panels. Sun-inspired concepts can be integrated into any design style!

Sun Plans feature bright interiors and energy bills at least 1/3 to 1/2 lower (or all the way to net-zero) compared to a new home built to code. The basic concepts of passive solar design are combined with strategies that also keep the home cool in summer and maximize day lighting year-round. With dozens of passive solar house plans and low custom design fees, if there is a reason not to select, adapt or create a sun-inspired home when building a new home, then please let us know.
While Create-A-SunPlan results in the lowest construction cost with little wasted space for the rooms your family and lifestyle require, or right-sized, we realize that not everyone has the luxury of time. In that case, we hope that you find an existing Sun Plan with many of your desirable features. Building a comfortable, green, solar home may be the largest investment of a life-time and deserves proper planning. Choosing a right-sized house plan will save construction costs up front, while choosing a sun-inspired home design will save operating and energy costs long-term. For a fraction of the fee paid a realtor when choosing an existing home, you could create a custom, sunny, green, comfortable low-energy home.
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