Sun Plans™ are house designs warmed and brightened by the sun - naturally!
    • Sunny, open and creative
    • Homes warm in winter, cool in summer
    • Options include Energy Star and Zero Energy Ready
    • Complementary to net zero energy homes, passive house, etc.
    • High performance, climate-specific passive solar heating and cooling
    • Comfortable inside no matter what is going on outside - power outages, heat, cold 
    • The Sun-Inspired House - one of the most comprehensive books about passive solar
    Choose from one of three paths to get started:
    If you need for us to create a design soon, please do not hesitate to ask!
    - Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect

    Create your own Sun Plan
    Have 6 months or more before you build?
    Create a custom Sun Plan!
    Select an existing Sun Plan
    Need to start building fairly soon?
    Select a pre-designed Sun Plan!
    Adapt an existing Sun Plan
    Have a few months before construction?
    Adapt a pre-designed Sun Plan!
    A Sun Plan™ is a home design created with the Sun-Inspired Architectural Design process. Building a home may be the largest investment a family makes. Let architect Debra Rucker Coleman help protect that investment by right-sizing a home to meet the family's needs in terms of size, spaces, materials, climate, budget and other personal preferences. Sun Plans homes are typically not so big houses. Resilient Design is one the driving design concepts. Sun Plans helps home owners be conservative - with both money and energy. A Sun Plan is an "oh so bright house"! A Sun-Inspired House is a sunny, creative, low-energy home that uses the natural heat and light of the sun to both warm and brighten a home.  It incorporates passive systems to maintain interior comfort.  It reflects the practical aspect of saving energy and money as well as the delightful characteristics of bright interiors.

    Sun Plans feature bright interiors and energy bills at least 1/3 to 1/2 lower (or all the way to net-zero) compared to a new home built to code.The designs incorporate resilient design strategies that according to The Resilient Design Institute enable the home to "maintain livable conditions in the event of extended loss of power or heating fuel through energy load reductions and reliance on passive heating and cooling strategies (passive survivability)."
    While Create-A-SunPlan results in the lowest construction cost with a right-sized design with little wasted space for the rooms your family and lifestyle require, we realize that not everyone has the luxury of time to work with an architect. In that case, we hope that you find an existing Sun Plan with many of your desirable features. Each Sun Plan on this site evolved from a Create-A-SunPlan that began as a real home for a real family.

    With over 20 years of designing low-energy, high-performance, passive solar homes, Architect Debra Rucker Coleman takes pride in the small, service-oriented company and personal involvement. With our uncluttered, ads-free website, we hope that you can relax while viewing our green, solar house plans and services.

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    "I found your website via Google search and it's the only passive solar home plan website that I've found that 1) is well organized, 2) is easily searchable, 3) offers consulting services, and 4) offers both customized designs and off the shelf designs. THANK YOU!" Stephanie

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