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The design and content of this web site are 2002-2017 Sun Plans Inc. All Rights Reserved in the United States and Internationally.

Although the drawings are on public display on this web site, this does not give permission for the designs to be constructed nor copied. Copyright law strictly forbids the copying of house plan designs even with substantial modification. Specifically, for example, one may not take floor plans from this web site, mark up changes, and give them to a local design professional to redraw, or to redraw them for personal use without permission from Sun Plans per below.
CAD Files from Sun Plans come with a one-time copyright release.
Sun Plans realizes that occasionally local design professionals (for whom the CAD Files are intended) cannot use any of the CAD File formats available from Sun Plans. In that case, it is suggested to order Construction Prints and choose PDF instead of PAPER.  Sun Plans can then prepare a Copyright Release in place if requested.

Please do not distribute material from this web site without prior written permission from Sun Plans for other than personal use in selecting a house plan or service from Sun Plans Inc.
Thank you so much for respecting my hard work and sun-inspired house designs.
- Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
Sometimes builders and designers have stated that there is no need to purchase Construction Prints or CAD files. They then offer to copy the Sun Plans' design from the website, Study Plan or Review Set and also make changes that a customer would like. That is both unethical and illegal. Copyrighted work (even with changes) is a federal crime with penalties of $250,000 plus attorney fees. Read more about this and other general questions on our FAQ page.