Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
Floor 1
1,555 sf
Entry Faces
South Glass
Katrina Cottage 4
The Katrina Cottage 4 is a slightly larger variation of the simple Katrina Cottage 2 three-bedroom, two bath home with the sunroom entry foyer. The north bedrooms are larger, and one bath has been moved between them. A larger laundry/mudroom allows for more workspace. The spacious, open kitchen, dining and living areas are basked in natural light. The slightly vaulted ceilings make the small footprint home live larger. The east-facing front porch has simple columns to maximize east views.
Even on cloudy days, Gail and Mark enjoy how comfortable and bright the home is inside.
Floor Plan
The large front porch opens to the extra-large, informal family foyer/sunroom with plenty of space for coats, boots, and cubbies as well as a breakfast table or reading chairs on the sunny, southern end. The entry is close to both the kitchen and mudroom/laundry. The vaulted ceilings over the entry foyer continue into the main living to the large stone-covered hearth wall that features a wood stove, fireplace, or masonry stove. The south orientation and overhang prevent the space from receiving too much sun in summer.
The three bedrooms and baths are on the private west and north parts of the home. The middle bedrooms and bath are placed ideally for flex spaces near the living room so they can be used for studies, craft rooms or offices as well as children. They receive some indirect light from the south as well as the north light which is good for computers and artwork.
Garage Option
The optional garage can accommodate two small or one large vehicle through the one large overhead door. At the end of the garage is a separate workshop that also has windows for passive solar gain. The garage can be in a variety of locations on the property and a covered walkway can attach it to the home on the back or side. The garage is also easy to expand and modify in shape. The windows can be moved in to accommodate solar gain as well.
Construction Info
Vaulted scissors trusses that bear on 8-foot-high walls allow for a spacious feeling kitchen, dining and living areas without the energy penalty of high ceilings and taller walls. The flat ceilings over the bedrooms allow for a lot of attic storage accessed by a pull-down stair with a slightly steeper roof. The partial hipped roof shape is rain and wind friendly. Economical slab on grade construction aids with both winter heating and summer cooling by providing the primary thermal mass. Scored and polished concrete floors allow for creative, economical flooring, but tile or thin stone can also be used. Additional thermal mass is in the stone or brick veneer wall behind the wood stove and near the south-facing windows. The wood framed walls can vary in thickness and R-value to accommodate insulation appropriate to the climate where the home will be constructed. The truss framed roof allows for the economical type of roof/ceiling insulation with thick, loose fill insulation with a vented attic.
Modification Ideas
Since these ideas may affect energy performance and structural integrity, they should only be undertaken with professional assistance.
  • Remove the wall between the foyer and kitchen, create an enlarged kitchen in the southeast corner with a breakfast bar between the kitchen and dining
  • Custom build creative coat closets and cubbies in entry foyer to the right of the front door
  • Attach the garage to the north and enter through a redesigned extended laundry/mudroom, then expand the master bath
Construction Prints, etc.
For this plan, the following are included with orders for Construction Prints, CAD Files:
  • Schematic Site Plan
  • Slab on Grade Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Building Section
  • Kitchen Elevations
  • Typical Wall Detail
  • Schematic Electrical
  • Schematic Framing Plans
  • Detached Garage Plan
Custom Energy Specs (describe any recommended adaptations of the insulation, windows, thermal mass, overhang lengths, etc. for the location where the home is to be constructed)
Comments and Photos
Gail and Mark shared photos both before and after they moved in. They apologized for the lived-in look, but other customers have told us that one of the things that they like about Sun Plans photos is the realistic look of the photos that show how real people live versus stark, super-clean photos.  They really had a good time doing most of the interior trim themselves (Gail is quite the carpenter) and picking out the shades of blue colors for the walls and custom tiling.
Even on cloudy days, they've told us how comfortable the home feels inside.