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The possibilities are endless for adapting a sun-inspired design to suit your land, design style preference and availability of locally available building systems. If preferred, we can work directly with the builder as well in order to receive their valuable input on local construction methods with the goal of minimizing costs both during construction and after through low energy bills. 3D drawings and models are an option. Some of the adapted plans are later posted to the Select-A-SunPlan list. If the home owners or their builders send photos and feedback, those may be posted as well. We hope these examples inspire you to transform a Sun Plan into a passive solar home of your own.
Carolina Lakeside
The Carolina Lakeside was adapted from the Lakeside Sunrise that was a 45-degree facing plan.  The Carolina Lakeside faces due south and therefore has better energy performance than angled 45 degree plans with two sides facing south. (Often tight lots dictate skewed orientations.) The Carolina Lakeside home owners are planning far ahead and wanted their house plans completed a year before the start of construction. Hopefully, they will be breaking ground soon and be willing to share photos and comments!

Cozy Solstice
The Solstice 2 was down-sized to fit a tight lot and smaller budget. With half of the north side nestled into the land, it has reduced heat loss, making the passive solar gain go further. And with the concrete slab floors (yes this is possible in cold climates!) and ICF first floor walls, the high thermal mass will keep the Cozy Solstice home owners comfortable all year long. It is due to start construction in the summer of 2010.

Prince Charming
When the variations of the popular Islander series reached 10, it was time for a new name! Prince Charming has the wrap-around front and back porch charm, and a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath first floor layout with the extra large great room. The spacious walk-out basement to the east adapted to the home owners land that slopes east with a pond beyond. Construction is scheduled to start in the summer of 2010.

Northern Lights 4
Timber touches were added to the main living areas and porches. The stucco exterior economically and simply covers the ICF walls. A cold-climate concrete slab foundation was used instead of a basement, which reduced costs and increased the home's thermal mass. The attic, with its full set of stairs, provides extra spaces for those who are accustomed to basements. Construction should be finished in the summer of 2010.