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Adapt-A-SunPlan Summary List
After reviewing the information about Sun Plans' adaptation home design process on the other pages, some prospective clients like more detail. We promise you that the design services we provide are more enjoyable and interactive (if you want them to be) than reading this list! Consulting regarding changes that affect energy-efficiency and passive solar design are woven throughout the process.
  1. Study and review drawings of the house plan(s) under consideration (Study Plan or Review Set).
  2. Client requests and Sun Plans sends the Adapt-A-SunPlan Questionnaire that helps you begin assembling your information.
  3. Client reviews, completes and supplements the Questionnaire with words, photos, and marked-up drawings.
  4. Client sends in the requested information by surface mail or email along with his or her payment of $395.
  5. Client supplies information about the building site: site plan, survey, photos, movie, etc. or schedules a site visit if the land is within a day's driving distance (extra fees apply with the latter)
  6. Architect begins review of information typically within 1-2 weeks of receiving the package
  7. Client responds to architect's questions, concerns and requests for additional information as she begins reviewing the submittal. For complex issues, often a phone conference is scheduled or an office visit is scheduled if the client prefers 
  8. Architect prepares detailed list of concerns and items to be further reviewed and discussed along with a preliminary budget. Sometimes it is discovered at this stage that another of Sun Plans' designs may be adapted to achieve the desired features, or that the changes are so complex that it will be less expensive to start an entirely new design without the limitations of an existing plan.
  9. If mutually agreeable*, Sun Plans prepares a proposal of an estimate for the services giving options for some aspects. (The fee includes the price of the changes - there is no minimum fee, plus use of base design, which equals Construction Prints price and  includes associated services with using the base design as a starting point.)
  10. Client signs proposal and sends in first payment for the changes. If not accepted, the review and consulting information can be used to work with another design professional from our CAD Files.
  11. Sun Plans begins changes. Drawings can include your furniture, which helps determine if the spaces are properly sized. If they are simple, then the changes can be done with little back and forth approval. However, even if the changes are minimum, most clients enjoy engaging the architect in many "what-if's" and other discussions and consulting about the changes and energy issues, even though the changes may be made by the design and drafting staff. Because every client is different in these regards and it cannot be predicted ahead of time, fixed fees are not given for Adapt-A-SunPlan services.
  12. Client and Sun Plans continue to exchange ideas and information. Sun Plans may send partial drawings for feedback if needed.
  13. Sun Plans prepares optional 3D drawings, if desired, with both fixed and rotating models
  14. Architect prepares Custom Energy Specs to allow client to begin detailed research of their own for finding local building professionals: builders, HVAC subcontractors, structural engineers, home energy raters, green building raters, etc. that will be needed to help construct the home
  15. Sun Plans sends Construction Prints and coordinates with any local building professionals that have already been identified by the client.
  16. Sun Plans can provide additional services on an hourly basis for services such as consulting with builders, structural engineers, HVAC consultants, home energy raters, green building raters, etc!
The fee for Adapt-A-SunPlan services is in addition to the fee for using the existing house plan. That fee is the same as the Construction Prints price for that house plan less any Construction Review Set price paid, even if for another Sun Plans design. However, in addition, for Adapt-A-SunPlan clients, we can provide CAD Files—a $450 value—for most house plans, for no additional charge. Structural Engineers often like the CAD Files and sometimes builders do, too. If more than 6 sets of Construction Prints are desired, that can be easily arranged for very economical rates, typically no more than $35 each. PDF files are also available which allow additional Construction Prints to be made by a local print shop, so long as the prints are for the use of constructing the home for the Sun Plans client.
* It is sometimes not possible to tell if the changes are the type that Sun Plans is comfortable making until after the Questionnaire and proposed changes are reviewed in detail. Primarily reasons for not accepting changes include those with complex structural systems, changes that have extreme energy compromises or a requested completion date that does not fit the current work schedule.