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Chattahoochee: Tom & Beth

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Small and plentiful! Grand western view. Large front porch. 3BR. 1.5 story. 1725 sf
This simple custom designed home by Sun Plans has the look of a traditional farm house yet the sunny, open feel of amazing passive solar that can only come from the warmth and light of the sun! 

Thanks Tom and Beth for allowing us to visit your mountain home in the Chattahoochee Forest and take these photos. We visited in August and could see that the home without the air conditioning turned on was quite comfortable inside! Note the shade line below the south windows. The home feels much larger than it is with the abundance of windows, open great room, and creative, fun second floor.
Sun Plans created this custom design around the main requirements of a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a traditional farm house appeal, yet a creative, open plan with a second floor that could accommodate many weekend guests.  The small footprint with bedrooms 2 and 3 upstairs keeps foundation and roof costs low. The 1.5 story form minimizes exterior walls too so that there is less surface for heat gain and heat loss. The large front north porch is a cool place for guests to rock!