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Select a passive solar home by the style of the front of the home.
  • Browse by black & white front elevation while envisioning your own choice of materials and colors.
  • They are organized alphabetically.
  • Use your imagination. With all Sun Plans, the colors are chosen by the home owners.
  • Exterior siding materials (brick, siding, stone, stucco, metal roofing) can be modified through Adapt-A-SunPlan services or occasionally by the builder through a "field change".
  • Basic data for each design is included. Click on a plan for more details and drawings.
  • Tips for Selecting a Plan (Read about the details on the right and much more!)

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1+2 fl. SF: 1591, Entry faces: East, South glass: 9%
1st fl. SF: 1591, 2nd fl. SF: 0, Dylt. bsmt. SF: 1591
1st fl. BR: 2, 2nd fl. BR: 0, Dylt. bsmt. BR: 3, Total BR: 5
Garage: Att, Width: 69'
Adirondack Atrium
1+2 fl. SF: 2975, Entry faces: SE, South glass: 7%
1st fl. SF: 1870, 2nd fl. SF: 1105, Dylt. bsmt. SF: 0
1st fl. BR: 2, 2nd fl. BR: 2, Dylt. bsmt. BR: 0, Total BR: 4
Garage: Att, Width: 90'
Apple Energy
1+2 fl. SF: 2496, Entry faces: North, South glass: 9%
1st fl. SF: 2496, 2nd fl. SF: 0, Dylt. bsmt. SF: 0
1st fl. BR: 4, 2nd fl. BR: 0, Dylt. bsmt. BR: 0, Total BR: 4
Garage: Att, Width: 80'
1+2 fl. SF: 2479, Entry faces: NW, South glass: 7%
1st fl. SF: 2050, 2nd fl. SF: 429, Dylt. bsmt. SF: 467
1st fl. BR: 2, 2nd fl. BR: 1, Dylt. bsmt. BR: 2, Total BR: 5
Garage: Att, Width: 56'
Atrium 2
1+2 fl. SF: 1223, Entry faces: NW, South glass: 10%
1st fl. SF: 1223, 2nd fl. SF: 0, Dylt. bsmt. SF: 1296
1st fl. BR: 1, 2nd fl. BR: 0, Dylt. bsmt. BR: 3, Total BR: 4
Garage: Det, Width: 66'