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Conservation Showhome
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First Floor 1544 s.f.
Daylight Basement  Finished 1236 s.f.
Basement Unfinished 284 s.f.
Porches 387 s.f.
Detached Carport 384 s.f.
Width 68
Depth 39
10% South Glass
Front Faces North

Never move again from this low-energy, comfortable home. Inspired by our Fernwood plans, but with less porch area (to reduce costs and let in more light) and more Universal Design features (to make growing old more convenient), the Conservation Showhome is a bright, low-energy home bursting with sun and convenience.  Beginning at the front door, and continuing throughout, windows are carefully placed to admit the right amount of light and heat.  The plan was right-sized for the owner so that they have just the spaces they want and no more.



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