Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect
The Adapt-A-SunPlan process is completely different from the Create-A-SunPlan process. Adapting a plan involves accepting the primary features and spaces in the existing design. Less involvement is required from the home owners.
Having the Sun Plans' architect make changes to a sun-inspired design can be efficient. The Sun Plans' architect knows the reasons behind the sun-inspired designs intimately. For those who prefer to work with a local architect or design professional, the CAD Files can be ordered. Sun Plans can still provide the Custom Energy Specs for energy-related advice.
Adapt-A-SunPlan Customers
Adapting a home design with Sun Plans is for home owners who are organized and have good communication skills. Typically, they...
  • Have narrowed down the house plan to one (or two very similar) designs.
  • Have at least 6 weeks prior to starting construction (longer times may apply during busier periods, for complex changes)
  • Prefer to react to designs that have already been created
  • Have studied in detail the design they wish to change
  • Communicate confidently their likes and dislikes in the existing house plan
  • Speak openly with their spouses, partners and other family members regarding priorities
  • Remain flexible and open minded with options presented
  • Rise to the challenge of assisting with research and homework tasks
  • Trust professionals to assist them in many aspects of their life
Adapt-A-SunPlan Process
There is no charge for the Adapt-A-SunPlan Planning Package to help gather ideas for changes.
It is encouraged to have first ordered the Study Plan to explore the design of the home or the Review Set to study construction details.  Review Sets can be especially helpful if there is a builder already involved who can provide a preliminary construction cost estimate.
After the information and $495 fee are submitted electronically or by post mail, the Sun Plans architect spends four hours reviewing and consulting on the information in the categories listed on the main Review and Consulting Services page.
After the review and consulting is completed, there is an option to either engage Sun Plans to make the changes or purchase the CAD Files to have the changes made by a local architect or design professional.  A copyright is provided with CAD File orders.(Sometimes the customer changes to another more affordable design as recommended by Sun Plans.)
Extensive changes are discouraged since it would then be more economical to create a new design.
Adapt-A-SunPlan fees are only a fraction of a realtor's fee.  A planning budget of about approximately 0.5-2% of construction costs is recommended.
Ready to get started?  Contact Us to request the Adapt-A-SunPlan Planning Package.
Quick Quote
Need the plans quickly and have just a few minor or straightforward changes? Send a list of changes for a Quick Quote if the Review Set (cost later deductible) from Construction Prints or CAD Files has been ordered.
While a Quick Quote is still much faster than the consulting and review process, it still takes time. This Quick Quote service is for those who have purchased the Review Set and desire only a few straightforward changes that do not require the lengthier, more involved process of consulting about energy, design, and structural implications with the architect. Ordering the Review Set allows for studying the construction details by the home. Then the customer will have a more thorough understanding of the implications of the changes that they are requesting.
Perhaps only the exterior needs to be changed, a basement added or the garage removed. Maybe thicker exterior walls are desired. The price for the changes is typically good for two weeks as the Quick Quote is designed for those who are ready for the changes to made right away.
Typically, only one Quick Quote is provided per Review Set order. If Sun Plans finds that detailed interaction is required to discuss energy implications, etc., then the more involved Adapt-A-SunPlans service will be recommended.
After the changes are made and the customer reviews the adapted design, there will still be an opportunity to request additional changes for an additional fee.
Contact Us to send a list of changes to be made after studying the Review Set.