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Construction Prints
So, you are ready to build! Large Construction Prints with clear, concise information make it easy for builders to follow and are flexible enough to adapt the design based on the price and availability of materials and subcontractors, various construction methods and home owner preferences. Together, every builder and home owner will change some aspects of the design before or during construction. If mutually agreeable (and approved by the building inspector and local engineer), these "field changes" can be made with a few red marks and notes on the Construction Prints. (For more complex changes, or to assure understanding of the changes, please see CAD Files and/or Adapt-A-SunPlan.The copyright information might also be of interest.)
They are wonderful!  If you saw most of the drawings and specifications I see, you would wonder how anything got built properly.  We have to bid on 50% drawings quite a bit and they actually award projects from those bids which is just incredible to me.  It is just nice to see a true professional who does the job correctly and takes pride in her work.  In my 34 years of working with Architects you are hands down the best I have had the privilege to work with. - Rick and Susan (Rick is in the lighting business and reviews construction prints in his work)
Construction Prints generally include:
  • Six sets of Construction Prints on 24"x36" paper shipped via UPS ground within 5 business days  to allow for preparation of the the Custom Energy Specs. Shipping then takes another 3-7 days unless otherwise arranged.
  • If the drawings are desired to be sent more quickly via email, please add "Upgrade to PDF's" files from the Online Store when placing the order.  (Five business days are still needed to prep the order and prepare the Custom Energy Specs unless otherwise arranged.) With PDF's you can print unlimited copies of the Construction Prints so long as they are used for building one home. They are also handy for sending to mortgage companies, appraisers, home energy raters, and others who may be assisting with the planning and construction of the home such as the builder's subcontractors.
  • 10 to 16 pages of drawings depending upon the complexity of the home. (See individual house plan Detail Tab for specific drawings for each home.) These drawings may include:
    • Schematic site plan (cover sheet showing how to orient the house for passive solar gain)
    • Foundation Plan (either slab-on-grade, crawlspace, below grade or daylight basement)
    • First and second floor plans (many construction notes, window sizes, etc.)
    • Exterior elevations (all four sides shown in hatched detail)
    • Schematic Building section (cut through the middle of the home showing basic configuration)
    • Kitchen elevations (all sides of the kitchen)
    • Typical wall detail (showing the various building materials recommended)
    • Schematic electrical (showing lights, switches and outlets)
    • Schematic framing plans (showing floor and roof framing and beams)
    • Garage or Carport
  • Custom Energy Specs with permission to build once. (Inquire about prices for building more.)
  • One hour of technical support by email or phone with your builder
After an order is placed, please reply to the email you will receive to advise us of the requested information described in the Custom Energy Specs and other miscellaneous items.
A client sent a set of Construction Prints (designed for stick construction) to a SIP company to have them converted to SIPs. This is what they told the home owners of an adapted Chattahoochee design:
I also wanted to take this opportunity to confirm your selection of Sun Plans Inc.  We receive many sets of drawings each day that are interested in comparing SIPs.  The drawings submitted by Sun Plans Inc. were high quality and very easy for us to work from. Steve, SIPS of the South
Prices start at $995.
Go to the Sun Plans Online Store to purchase Construction Prints now, or click on the Purchase tab on any house plan.
(Sun Plans continuously receives compliments on the quality of its Construction Prints and strives to exceed the standards in the house plan industry with services that are a part of the order such as the preparation of Custom Energy Specs.  A partial example set of Construction Prints (not including the Custom Energy Specs) can be found on the Review Set page. Sun Plan strives to provide Construction Prints that are a balance of quality and price.  If either the home owner or builder desires to have a more detailed set of drawings that is beyond the scope of drawings standard in the house plan industry, and more in line with extensive sets that architects often provide, then please inquire about the fee for the services to upgrade to a more extensive set. Please be forewarned that doubling or tripling the scope of drawings will proportionally double or triple the Create-A-SunPlan fees which are of course much higher than a set of pre-designed plans found in Select-A-SunPlan.)